The Games of Roles

Playing a Role on Stage

Each context imposes rules, learning to use it in our favor is our purpose. Choosing a character and using them to their advantage will make us unbeatable. Subliminal installation will make these rules ecologically and permanently.

Being on stage representing a Company, an Organization, a “vision” in some cases or simply, yourself, is a game with precise rules, that you have to manage for a successful communication with the audience. Playing your role requires consistency in the way you speak, you move, you dress even, and a clear perception of the body in the space for empowering your consciousness and your professional ability. During the module you will learn different techniques that will improve your knowledge of yourself, your ability to play the role, your communication and most of all, the quality of your body language, so to put your words in balance with your body and vice versa.



  • The Good rules: having “character” rules is a reassuring thing
  • The character and its importance: how to choose the most ecological character with his own way of being



  • How to recall your character with some instantaneous maneuvers and enter the part automatically
  • Pavlovian conditioning
  • What is an anchor
  • Types of anchors
  • Practical practice of positive anchoring against a difficult situation


There are no specific requisites to participate to this course. However, some experience in public lectures may help.


This course lasts four hours and consists of two 110-minute sessions each.


The course can be held either in English or in Italian language, depending on the needs of the participants.

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