The Elegance of Words

Verbal Communication

Knowing how to use words is crucial, language hides a large number of possible traps that can be used to our advantage and make the speech unassailable.

The processes through which people deplete their own representation of the world are the same through which they tend to impoverish their communication. The meta-model is a linguistic approach that eliminates these limiting processes and destroys communicative distortions. How to recognize, avoid and use for those words that “limit” the communion.



Communication errors

  • Talk too fast
  • Shake the words
  • Passive listening
  • Incorrect use of pauses
  • Overlap

Trace and empathy

  • Trace types


  • Build an unmistakable speech: a metamodel of communication
  • How to use language traps in your favor
  • Psycholinguistics: science at the service of speech
  • Practical exercises for each point mentioned above


There are no specific requisites to participate to this course. However, some experience in public lectures may help.


This course lasts four hours and consists of two 110-minute sessions each.


The course can be held either in English or in Italian language, depending on the needs of the participants.

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