The Confident Self

Managing the stress

Stress can be an obstacle before a public speech or an interview. Learn how to convert your stress to a positive source of energy. Tee objectives of the course are to recognize emotions and understand their neurophysiological bases, and to learn how to use and alter them in a useful way to deal with stressful situations and make it a strong point to use.



The origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Basic presuppositions of NLP
  • Reality-processing mechanisms


  • How to learn to be emotionally stable by breathing
  • Difference between chest breathing and diaphragm breathing
  • Benefits of diaphragm breathing
  • Mindfulness and breathing

Kinesthetic awareness

  • Feel your body and be aware of your posture and position; levels of awareness
  • Awareness of their intrapersonal communication
  • Forms of thought that strengthen the personal charisma


  • Management of the mood
  • Resource status: access to a potentiating psycho-physical condition
  • Physiology: focusing and language
  • Practical exercises


There are no specific requisites to participate to this course. However, some experience in public lectures may help.


This course lasts four hours and consists of two 110-minute sessions each.


The course can be held either in English or in Italian language, depending on the needs of the participants.

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