The Beauty of the Unexpected

Take profit from situations

The attitudes required to effectively react to unexpected events are in short supply in most organizations. Participants will understand that the ‘unexpected’ is anything but straightforward. And that people with a commitment to learning can turn unexpected events into great opportunities. That is, how you can turn unexpected situations into opportunities, not problems, and how to demonstrate your ability by managing accidents and take the cue from situations to impress your audience.



  • The bright side of unexpectedness.
  • Remove the sources of unpreventability and inflexibility.
  • Stop the ‘blame game’: how to restart -more intelligently- from failures, mistakes, and external jolts.


  • Prospective hindsight: imagining that an event has already occurred.
  • How to create a team in charge of anticipating the pitfalls.
  • How to develop and sustain the ‘fast recovery’ factor.


There are no specific requisites to participate to this course. However, some experience in public lectures may help.


This course lasts four hours and consists of two 110-minute sessions each.


The course can be held either in English or in Italian language, depending on the needs of the participants.

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