The Art of Storytelling

The Structure of Public Speech

Nothing is more powerful than a great, inspiring story. Information and data are important but people are wired for hearing narratives. Participants will recognize the power of storytelling and their own potential for using storytelling as a prominent tool for communication.

Speaking in public is like a flight. Start – Takeoff: what to do to get to the cross section and do not crashing down. The center of the discourse – the cruise flight: what to do in order not to get rid of the passengers and get the message. The end – landing: what to do to close well, not crash after a successful flight but leave the mark to everyone.



  • Harnessing imagination and working through stories.
  • The basic ingredients of business narrative (theme, setting, imagery, point of view, purpose, and tone).
  • The importance of an explicit purpose in storytelling: encouraging people to see your value proposition.


  • Connecting with audience members. Who are they and what do they expect.
  • How to motivate people with storytelling: uniting ideas with emotions.
  • Self-knowledge as the root of great storytelling.


There are no specific requisites to participate to this course. However, some experience in public lectures may help.


This course lasts four hours and consists of two 110-minute sessions each.


The course can be held either in English or in Italian language, depending on the needs of the participants.

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